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Sr. Project Manager / Director Tech/Eng Business Development. VP Operations


Telecommunication Engineering Studies. UC Berkeley, California. USA. 1995
Electric Engineer, BSEE. University of the Pacific. Stockton, California. USA. 1987
American and International Studies, AA. College of the Pacific. Stockton, California. USA. 1986
Project Management Certification from PMI and AMA, certified studies. 1999
Co-op at IBM, 1985/86 and Apple Computers, 1986/87


Fiserv. Orlando, FL. Senior Program Manager. 03/2008 – 04/2009

• Led all Fiserv professional services for Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean Region, adding valuable experience in engineering Management and project direction, with a reputation for saving troubled projects by setting priorities, reorganizing efforts, and surpassing goals. • Assembled project teams, assigned individual responsibilities, identified resources to accomplish specific tasks, and developed schedules to ensured timely project completion. • Planned strategic sessions with client and management to determine scope and objectives of each project. • Monitored progress and resolved gaps between client expectations and actual work output. • Mentored project team members on job responsibilities, resolution techniques, escalations, risks analysis and project scope • Reinforced management processes, performance improvement and best practice. • Conducted interviews of prospective team members and provided input to the Director. • Managed medium to large scale solution implementation projects by use of standard project methodology. • Provided leadership to the project team through project analysis, scheduling, production, implementation, and monitoring to bring assigned projects to a successful conclusion. • Created and maintained project documentation, including status reporting • Facilitated project communication at all levels and interfaces with internal and external stakeholders • Made decisions based on precedent, example and experience, and served as backup to the SVP. • Solved arising project and people problems using sound judgment and experience.

MYE. Valencia, CA. Director of Product Development. 11/2007 – 03/2008

• Led R&D teams through the research, Development and manufacturing of both OEM integrated and after-market MYE entertainment products for the successful deployment of wireless systems in more than 14,000 commercial fitness facilities, reaching over $150 million in sales. • Responsible for all manufacturing, engineering, tooling, and supply chain issues; acting as the liaison between engineering, sales and marketing to provide smooth flow and focus on the product. • Developed operational plans to supported growth and assisted sales with training • Supported daily production management, monitor manufacturing quality and suggest improvements • Managed profits and product ROI line and coordinate all scheduling, inventory, and maintenance activities; delivering on time at competitive costs • Evaluated global competitive and new product lines and markets and quality standards • Proposed policy additions or revisions when necessary. Identify needs of customers, research competitive policies, and recommend changes/additions.

T-Mobile. Santa Ana, CA. Sr Program Manager Consultant. 02/2007 – 11/2007

• Oversee architecture, engineering, environmental compliance, site acquisition and the overall project management for new site build as well as site modification, including property management resolution. • Executed project plans with other teams, project managers, contractors, providers and vendors for the installation of UMTS, GSM, TDMA, CDMA technologies, as well as radio adds and T1s. • Responsible for the construction management direction and supervision of project managers, contractors, vendors and other providers to ensure work was performed in conformance with requirements. • Monitored and tracked project progress and work with all project stakeholders (Local, National, Regional, and Market as well as LEC, E911) to ensured proper coordination of deliverables were met. • Worked with internal and external entities to deliver customer and executive briefings on deployment, technical issues/solutions, pricing, schedule of timelines and update of databases.

Cingular Wireless. Cerritos, CA. Sr Program Manager Consultant. 05/2005 – 02/2007

• Successfully executed project plans worth over $500MM in sync with diverse teams and vendors like Ericsson, Nortel, Alcatel, Bechtel during the roll out of the RIP project, the implementation of UMTS, GSM, TDMA, CDMA technologies, and the T-1 installation and radio adds. • Managed and supported new site development and quality control. And all issues reported to the regional provisioning group, and the local exchange carrier site build committee. • Coordinate all site acquisition, zoning, title, and construction, power, and telecom services. • Responsible for inquires, site walks, submittals, new site design and decommissioning of temporary sites • In charge of daily construction activities, schedules and project deliverables. • Resolve and report visual inspections, verification and documentation of equipment inventory, antenna azimuths and tilts, safety conditions, and general conditions of all sites. • Supported RF requirements and optimization of the market performance

ELECTROSONIC. Burbank, CA. Sr Program Manager Consultant. 12/2004 – 05/2005

• Increased profits by 20%, transforming a “BOX building” company, into a Total Solution, Service Provider. • Designed large audio, visual, lighting and control system, schematics, single line drawings and site layouts, to enable efficient fabrication, installation and standard reputation in front of clients, vendors and staff. • Managed the development process through all stages of the product development (concept, prototype, evaluation, A/V system testing, product specifications, technology development, QA, and launch). • Responsible for equipment procurement, budgets and delivery of multiple schedules. • Supported sales and marketing on preparation and submittal of bid documents and proposals. • Ensured timely commissioning, programming, documentation and client handover and training.

SOMERA. Irvine, CA. Program Manager Consultant. 10/2004 – 12/2004

• Managed a team of project managers and the daily activities required to adherence to standards, quality, costs, gross profit, scheduling and all related activities to the successful delivery of the projects • Coached managers, account executives and contractors to developed and implement projects including equipment installations, asset recovery, materials management, and customized services. • Managed all aforementioned resources to maintain adherence to project cost and schedule, including sourcing of materials, subcontractor negotiation, researching technical issues, quoting the customer price and delivery, and ensuring responsive, high-quality service to our clients. • Developed high quality documents and presentations including internal and external project cost presentations and proposals, monthly sales Reported and updates to the quarterly forecast along with analysis of customers’ present and future needs and competitive situations. • Developed creative solutions that introduce new technology and applications into the customer’s network.

Walt Disney Internet Group, WDIG. North Hollywood, CA. PM Consultant. 05/2004 – 10/2004

• Created advanced statistical methods and benchmarking techniques using Six Sigma techniques and Business Methods Analysis • Coached staff in the application of standard project management technology and tools; including Software Development Life Cycle, QA / QC testing and the implementation of complex integrated BI solutions to optimize system and business processes. • Managed and launched a new wireless venture to develop state of art integrated solutions • Coordinated information among sales, marketing, engineering, operations, customer service and other departments in supported of technical marketing activities • Tracked and updated current infrastructure capabilities and deployments • Interfaced with product management on project configuration and engineering requirements.

SBC. San Ramon, CA. Consultant. 08/2003 – 05/2004

• Defined project scope, deliverables, schedules and field construction daily operations and inspection • Responsible for radio, data, wireless systems, cabling and underground installations • Supervised engineers to support and train on fax machines, credit card readers, modems, DSL, PA, intercom, video, audio, PBX, VoIP, multimedia messaging, wireless technology, converged networks, call center solutions, and system administration tools. • Specified requirements and mainstream communications with third party vendors and agencies. • In charge of all regional construction and inspection of IP PBX systems, Voice over IP Systems, Multimedia Messaging, Wireless Technologies, Converged Networking, Call Center Solutions, and System Admin tools

E-global Networks. San Ramon, CA. VP - Consultant Operations. 01/2002 – 08/2003

• Developed work breakdown structures; Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules; and resource, cost and budget plans. Enterprise Data Warehouse, EDW • Managed P&L around $ 10 million for a major consulting services operation for all products and services • Responsible for all communications with third party vendors, partners with develop corp. • Developed a customer service functional documentation business process specification, and enhancement. • Responsible for working with cross-functional teams in delivering product initiatives and strategies to define product branding and market opportunities. • Provided product development initiatives, analysis support and SOP to manufacturing, engineering, planning, quality assurance and procurement. • Developed new analytical and organizational skills required to achieve high efficiency and productivity • Identified areas to improve quality, processes and measuring effectiveness

NICE Systems. Santa Clara, CA. World Regional Manager for Latin America. 03/1999 – 01/2002

• Produced 40% increase in revenue through partnership with current vendors, channels, VARs and independent dealers in every country and region of significant influence to products, services and solutions. • Created methodologies, technical documentation, business tactics and strategies to support customer relations, consulting, sales and marketing • Supervised personnel and procedures in a manufacturing environment and production line • In charge of strategic planning and implementation of the client's telecom network. • Provided technical leadership and support to networked voice and data applications • Managed fiscal capital budget and served as single contact for major Telecomm and global clients • Managed all digital telephone exchanges; Analogue & Digital Telephones; Facsimile machines; Telex Machines; Paging Systems; Simplex/Duplex radio operation, UHF, VHF repeaters/base-stations & Marine radios; ATM; Telephone & Data cable distribution Networks, UG copper & FO cables; Telephone Billing Systems; Structured cabling, Telecom and Telephony networks as related to VoIP and voice control and with signaling, SS7, H.323, MGCP, SCCP and SIP • Provided technical leadership and support for LAN/WAN networks, 3270 Coax, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, ATM, SONET/SDH, TDM, SNMP, ISDN, Fiber Optic, CAT 5, RS232, R.F, Infrared, Microwave, Cellular & Wireless, Modems, Routers, Bridges, Repeaters, AS400, Concentrators and Hubs. Time Division Multiplexed (TDM), such as Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM), Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) equipment and gigabit Ethernet. TCP/IP, UNIX, SUN, HP, OS/2, Novel, Oracle, SQL, Sybase, BSDL, SAP, dba, Visual Basic. Hardware and Software troubleshoot. UL – NEC National Electric Code • Led negotiations with carriers and ILECs on required transport, trunking, services and CLEC models. • Managed Call Center Management Information Systems,CCMIS; Automated Call Distribution systems,ACD; Interactive Voice Response Systems,IVR; Premise Based Switching System,PBX

VITACOM Corp. Santa Clara CA. Senior Project Manager. 11/1997 – 05/1999

• Directed cross-functional teams throughout all phase of the enterprise, plan, specification, installation, evaluation, pricing, scheduling, negotiations, testing and escalation. • Launched a full-service repair and installation company, growing into a major service arm in three U.S. regions; emphasizing integrity and service as competitive differentiators, and growing the business from start-up to $6MM revenue, 38 staff, in 2 yrs. • Develop division’s first safety incentive training program for warehouse associates, saving in excess of $2 million, in the first year of implementation • Responsible for equipment certification, supply chain, global logistics and NOC operations • Managed the life cycles, market research and pre-sales of products like system controls, card access, CCTV and emergency evacuation systems • Launched and supported the manufacturing product development team and CMM protocols. • Developed division’s first safety incentive/training program for warehouse associates, saving it in excess of $2 million, in the first year, alone • Implemented T&L plans procedures, strategic partnerships, Y2K, EMU. • Developed Fire Syst. controls, Card Access Systems, CCTV Systems and Emergency Evacuation Syst.

PETROLAGO. Venezuela, South America. General Project Manager. 02/1996 – 11/1997

• Responsible for all electrical, electronics, telecomm, instrumentation and oil / petroleum projects • In charge of construction, cost estimate and company assets, resources, materials, staffing, inspection, planning, code compliance, RMA, and negotiations with internal and external entities • Responsible for all processes of bids, awards, supply / demand, right of away, procurement, HR relations, training, ISO-9002/14001, SAP IS/U and R3 software, API standards and EPC. • Led design and evaluation of pressure flow, valves and refineries and large LNG projects, power distribution, control & PLC Panels: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Wonderware and Intellution. • Matrix-manage engineering and operations teams to support infrastructures, fabrication, RIG, chemical, mechanic and hydraulic engineering and manufacturing projects

University of California at Berkeley. Dept. Network and Telecomm. Manager. 10/1993 – 02/1996

• Supervised technical support to operations and maintenance as well as the design, specification, installation of voice and data systems, network management tools such as (HP Open View, SNMP, MIBs) and Network Security systems • Responsible for negotiations with architects, consultant, city, state and federal agencies through conceptual design, plans and development phases. Developing and revising the quality control manuals. • Developed EHS programs and systems for business wide implementation, including H&S framework procedures, environmental work plans and compliance procedures.

Pacific Gas & Electric (P.G&E). Supervisor. 01/1990- 10/1993

• Responsible for the plan and design of power distribution systems. Testing electronic boards and components, analysis, investigation of electric service failures; and the monitor of commercial, residential, private and public lighting systems, as well as power automation and protection systems. • Implemented and manage programs to improve electrical and instrument reliability to get an increase in production and a reduction in operating costs, utilizing tools like C++, Win NT, CAE/CAD, COBOL, PLC, DCS, telemetry, Primavera, Prism, Paragon, VAX/VMS. GRID / EMS, Data modeling, Basic, Dbase, FORTRAN. CAD/drafting. Elec. Code. UL, CSA, CE, VDE, budgeting, accounting, inventory. • Executed planned and unplanned outages, high tension distribution systems from 132kV through 33kV and 6kV to low tension systems 400/230/110 V AC, DC, UPS, and diesel generation systems. • High knowledge of CCIE, MCSE and other certifications. Also SEPA/NEPA.

Department. of Transportation of the State of California (CALTRANS). Electric Eng. 01/1987- 01/1990

• Implemented a Computerized Toll Collection System (TRAC) on seven bridges in California, as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN), power controls and fast track system. • Designed multiple high voltage protection systems (HVP), traffic management systems (TMS), Video/Audio, CCTV systems and its LAN/WAN connection back to the main control and monitoring center installed on every on ramp for high capacity Freeways and Bridges,. • Designed road assistance emergency CALL BOXES, changeable message sign systems (CMS), emergency broadcast and SCADA systems installed along several highways • Responsible for initial efforts to establish the first emergency transportation central office in the Bay Area, including traffic, aerial, naval and emergency signals. As well as City, State and Federal code enforcement, military and home security specification. Lead engineer in charge of EMS during the 1989 Earthquake in Bay Area. • Founder of the Information Systems department (ITS) and WEB center for CALTRANS. • Responsible for large Federal and State Capital grants and projects. And team member of the radio and GPS telecom new dept. to modernize CALTRANS communication and integration capacity within their internal depts. and outside related agencies like Police, Fire, CHP, others.

IBM USA. Assistant Engineer. 1986-1987 ( Co-Op II )

Analog and Digital board level design. Test and simulation of electric/electronic components. Lotus 123.

Apple USA. Assistant Engineer. 1985-1986 ( Co-Op I )

Testing electronic boards and components. Data modeling, Basic, Dbase, C, DOS, FORTRAN. CAD/drafting.


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE.
National Society of Professional Engineers, NSPE.
Professional Engineers of the California Government, PECG.
Society of Hispanic and Professional Engineers, SHPE.
University Honor Society, ETA KAPPA NU.
Project Management Institute, PMI.
American Management Association, AMA.



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